Doll height: 40 cm or 16 inches tall approx. animals are usually smaller.
The stuffing inside the doll is nonallergic polyester fiberfill. The outside is polyester, cotton, felt and nylon. New material only is used.

Not recommended for a child under the age of three.
Any face can be transferred to the doll. An actual photograph of the person clearly showing the head and shoulders facing the camera works best. The face in the picture must be at least 3 cm or 1 1/2 inches wide.

The photograph is returned unharmed.
Delivery usually takes at least three weeks if ordered by mail. It can take a week to get to Remember Products by mail and a week in the mail returning to the customer. That gives us a week to process the order. In peak times like Christmas, it can take longer, so most people order early for Christmas. However, If the photo is emailed, delivery takes two weeks.

"We have almost as just as much fun making your doll as you will have when you receive it."

Kathy at Remember Products







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