Q: What is the face of the doll made of?
A: The face of the doll is made of a flexible rubbery material. The back of the dolls head is made of felt which is a soft fuzzy material.
Q: Can you make very special orders?
A: I can make almost any costume. If you have a picture of the dress or costume you wish, I can try to copy it. The basic price of a doll is $39.00. Add $5.00 for an extra piece of clothing. If the doll has VERY special clothing for example dress specific for a particular ethnic culture add $10.00 to the price of the doll.
Q: Can the delivery process be faster?
A: Yes, the order can be processed faster than three weeks, but you need to notify me by e-mail or phone and the cost may be more for shipping.
Q: If I only have one picture, can you use it?
A: As the picture is returned unharmed, send me the picture you have and I can tell you whether I can use it or not. Some people have very small pictures but are satisfied with a very small doll.
Q: Can I email a photo?
A: Yes, send the digital photo as an attachment to email to kathrynlmaney73@gmail.com








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